Yes. a Policy may be extended or reduced any time before commencement of your Period of Cover. 

A Policy may be extended any time before your Period of Cover expires provided that the extension will not result in a single continuous Policy cover of more than 12 months.

If you choose to reduce the Period of Cover any time before its commencement, a partial refund of the premium will be provided. Refunds will be calculated based on current pricing for the cover required and refunding the difference of the first premium amount charged. Processing Fees will not be refunded. 

If you choose to reduce your Policy on or after commencement of your Period of Cover, a refund of premium will only be available at our discretion. 

If you reduce your Period of Cover, you will not be covered for Emergency Cancellation Protection. 

You can apply to extend or reduce your Policy online via the Self Service Portal or by contacting Prosura.

Where we have agreed to extend or reduce your cover, a new Certificate of Insurance with your revised Period of Cover will be issued to you.