Cover is not excluded on the basis that more than one incident has occurred. Cover is provided up to $10,000 for multiple inclusions, in connection with one rental vehicle, unless 

  • your rental vehicle has been replaced by the Rental Provider due to vehicle issue or safety concern,and provided that you do not claim cover for the first vehicle. For example, you will be covered for a replacement vehicle, if the first vehicle has a mechanical or other fault that occurred prior to the time when you assumed control of the vehicle, and you do not claim for any reimbursement in connection with the first vehicle. If the first vehicle is damaged or stolen during your Period of Cover, you will need to purchase a separate policy to be covered for a replacement vehicle; or

  • the Rental Provider requires you to exchange the vehicle as part of their standard policies unrelated to the rental vehicle safety or other vehicle issue. For example, you will be covered for a replacement vehicle if you are required to exchange rental vehicles due to a ferry transfer.


Full product inclusions, exclusions, limits and other terms and conditions are outlined in the applicable Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).