Where you have paid a prepayment to a rental vehicle provider or travel agent, for rental of a Qualifying Rental Vehicle we will reimburse you for the Prepayment up to the limit noted in the PDS, if you have to cancel your rental vehicle booking due to an Emergency and you cannot recover the Prepayment from any source. 

Where we say Emergency we mean a circumstance which is unforeseeable and unavoidable including: 

(a) the death, injury, or illness of you or your close relative, business associate, or travelling companion,

(b) where you are prevented from collecting your rental due to a natural disaster, or a government direction related to COVID-19 requiring a lock down or border closure, or

(c) where your flight has been cancelled by an airline preventing you from being able to collect the vehicle as agreed with the rental vehicle provider, and the rental vehicle provider does not offer an alternative, or will not refund the Prepayment. 

Full product inclusions, exclusions, limits and other terms and conditions are outlined in the applicable Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)