The product includes reimbursement cover for 

  • excess charges up to the excess amount, and 

  • other fees charged by the Rental Provider in connection with damage to or loss of the Rental Vehicle, arising from accident, theft or extreme weather events such as those listed below:

(a)  repair or replacement costs that result from damage to underbody, overhead, tyre, bumper, trim, windscreen, mirrors and glass,

(b)  roadside assistance and roadside repairs,

(c)  towing and relocation costs to the nearest premises owned by the Rental Provider or the original pick up location, whichever is closest,

(d)  fees and surcharges including premium location surcharge, administration and credit card fees charged by the Rental Provider in connection with the Excess Charge,

(e)  loss of use and demurrage fees charged by the Rental Provider while the rental vehicle is off the road, 

(f)   fees directly resulting from vehicle key loss, including, repairs, replacement and lock out, and

(g)  fees directly resulting from misfuelling by filling the vehicle with the incorrect type of fuel.

The product does not exclude damage caused by multi vehicle accidents.

Full product inclusions, exclusions, limits and other terms and conditions are outlined in the applicable Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)