A Qualifying Rental Vehicle is any vehicle weighing equal to or less than 4.5 tonnes, that can be rented or loaned (including accident replacement vehicles) with a standard car drivers licence from a motor vehicle rental company, agency, mechanic, claims adjuster, motor dealer, accident replacement centres, peer-to-peer and car share platforms, and includes the following types of vehicles:

●      motorhome,

●      sedan,

●      coupe,

●      hatchback,

●      station wagon,

●      SUV,

●      four wheel drive,

●      van,

●      mini bus,

●      people mover,

●      light commercial vehicle including moving trucks, or

●      utility.


Trailers and caravans are not Qualifying Rental Vehicles.

Full product inclusions, exclusions, limits and other terms and conditions are outlined in the applicable Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)